Thinking about a career in nursing or already starting one? Meet five students as they consider the important question “What do you want to be?”.


Sara’s Career Choice Story

Meet Sara- Through the illness and loss of her Mother from cancer at the age of 16, Sara learned just how much of a commitment being a nurse was. Through her family’s experience, she also knew how important the practical side of a career was. Sara knew that she wanted a career where she could make a real difference in the lives of others. Sara found this and much more within her choice of nursing.


Tina’s Career Choice Story

Meet Tina -- growing up, she knew she wanted to give back to her community using the values that she has learned from her close knit family and friends. Through the birth of her daughter Tina learned that becoming a nurse would fulfill her dreams of giving back to society.


Alex’s Career Choice Story

Meet Alex — A straight A student who loves math and science and because of his intelligence and drive, everyone assumed he would become a doctor. Alex chose nursing because he knows that nurses provide direct care and make life and death decisions concerning the lives of others. He knows that nursing is the best choice for him.


Ava’s Career Choice Story

Meet Ava — a bright, young student who knew that she wanted a career that would challenge her every day. Ava chose nursing, as she knows that it will give her the adventure and excitement she desires, while also providing her the opportunity to go in many different directions.


Kate’s Career Choice Story

Meet Kate — a student who was unsure of what she wanted to be and grew up in her sister’s shadow. Kate knew helping people was her main goal, but she found herself trying many different careers before coming to choose nursing. Kate knows nursing will give her the fulfillment she needs, and when the day comes – will be proud to call herself a nurse.